Residential & Business Services

Punto Verde are experts in providing quality cleaning services for commercial and residential properties in Perth.


Services brochure

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Our Business Services

Every site has different needs and requirements and we work with our clients to ensure these are met.

Our green cleaning products ensure that your business promotes environmentally sustainable practices.

We prioritse attention to detail and strictly adhere to health and safety practices.

Our Residential Services

Our green products ensure that your home is cleaned with safe and environmentally friendly substances.

Our cleaning method involves a thorough regular cleaning schedule as well as secondary cleaning which operates on a rotational basis. This ensures that your home is always up to par.

We have high standards and value our customers feedback.


Wipe clean surfaces including benches, stovetop, splashbacks, sinks, taps and appliance exteriors


Wipe hand basin, taps and vanity clean, wipe bath clean, wipe shower screen and mirrors, clean shower tiles, clean shower floor, empty bin


Wipe clean and disinfect, wipe hand basin and mirror clean, empty bin


Dust cabinets, bookshelves and bedroom furniture, lift items off floor, vacuum and mop.


Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting


Rubbish removal

Spot cleaning

Doors, walls, and light switches


Wiping, water spot removal, cobweb removal